What's the Best Approach to Transitioning Skincare From Summer to Fall?

summer to fall transition skincare

Okay, so it's officially fall. But in most places it doesn't quite feel like it yet. It's that weird time of year when it's hot and muggy during the day and then dips down to the 40s at night. Needless to say, our skin is going through more twists and turns than the Tik Tok video of the woman trying kombucha for the first time. 

Yes, winter tends to lend itself to thicker creams and milky cleansers, but the transition time between summer and fall is a bit more nuanced. "On cooler mornings and nights it can be tempting to use hot water to warm up, but be careful of this when washing your face," warns Gabrielle Harrison, an esthetician from Miami Beach. "Stick with lukewarm water or cooler. Otherwise you'll dry your skin out and strip its protective barrier that helps to retain moisture and keep your skin hydrated."

Harrison also recommends bringing a moisturizer with you on-the-go. "A mistake many of my clients make is thinking they can only apply moisturizer in the morning and at night. Especially when the weather is cooler and your skin tends to be drier. Don't be afraid to reapply and spot treat any areas that begin feeling dry or tight during the day. And if messing up your makeup is a concern, just lightly dab on a small amount instead of rubbing it in. Your makeup will stay intact, and your skin will have extra glow."

Another thing you can start incorporating into your routine? More frequent exfoliating treatments. "Since you're spending less time in the sun, you can use exfoliating treatments more often, followed by a hydrating moisturizer to keep your skin smooth and glowing," explains Harrison.

What are ways you're changing your skincare routine right now?