Self Love Advocate & Curve Model Khrystyana on Feeling Comfortable in Her Own Skin

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Self love advocate, founder of The Real Catwalk, and curve model Khrystyana opens up to us about what makes her feel comfortable in her own skin.


"I have my high and low points... sometimes daily, sometimes weekly. It’s very difficult to sell your body and face visually, which can be sometimes come off as more marketable and trendy and sometimes overlooked and seen as “uninteresting.”

I’m used to rejections, which is part of my job as a model, but what can sometimes bother me is an old habit where I compare my skills and looks to another model who booked the job I was on hold for. I have to catch myself every time and remember that everything is the way it should be, and I’m better off when I don’t emotionally self harm.


Hydration! When I feel that my skin is perfectly fed with enough nutrients to sustain itself throughout NYC pollution and weather, I feel very comfortable and confident. It’s all about the feeling. Basically it's all about doing anything that's nutritional for my body. Yoga, massage, sauna. They help a lot.

Honestly, though, I do anything related to pampering myself to feel great, like treating myself to something very healthy, or get my nails done, or getting a facial or a blowout. While they're mostly external, they are quick fixes for me that help me feel good immediately.


I have a seven step skincare routine. The steps and products are different for morning and night. I try not to slack on any of them or skip any steps. I'm on-the-go a lot, so I always have a bottle of a hydrating mist in my bag. Also a daily moisturizer with high SPF in it and an eye cream that's always in my backpack.

As far as makeup, I like Ilia tinted moisturizer for a more natural look. And Ilia Multi Stick. It's actually a 2-in-1 blush and lip duo, but I use it on my eyes, too. Other than that, it's just Pacifica mascara